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 Since I know you girls love to post pics when you go on clothes buying trips, I thought I would do one.  I've never seen a pic post by a guy lol!

So I got 50 bucks on an Old Navy gift card from my grandma.  Old Navy is pretty much the only type of name brand I wear, what can I say but I'm cheap.  They also have large amounts of clothes that fit a guy that is 6 foot 1.  So today I went to use up the card.  I went to an old navy that I hadn't been to since it was in PA.  That's one of the only good things about Pennsylvania, no clothes tax.   I didn't know what exit to get off at, all I knew was it was at Carlisle.  I managed in my epic amount to fail to get off at three different exits (twss...gross).   I kept ending up off the interstate at the wrong place and finally on my third attempt got to the Old Navy.  So I finally got to shop and got all of this stuff.

I really needed long sleeve shirts, I had like 3.  I managed to find these three for 4 bucks each, WIN!   Now you know how cheap I am.

Continuing, I found this shirt and though "OMG isn't that a Jim shirt!?"  I think it looks like what jim would wear to his double date with him, Pam, Michael, and Jan.  Maybe it's just me, IDK.

Then I found these other Jim-like shirts.  Apparently the only men's style right now its horizontal stripes.

So that was six shirts, but I still had ten bucks left to use, so I went to find something else.  Then I bought some underwear that reminded me of Tiff.  I know that sounds bad, but hear me out.  They have those one pair of boxer packs there, and I saw a Christmas one.  It said Merry Christmas and "Good times" on it, so I instantly thought of one of our jokes.  But even more, there is a classic-lookin cartoon woman in a Martini glass on it that reminds me of Melora!  I showed them to Tiff, and she loved them.  Now that I have everyone thinking dirty thoughts, I also had to buy two more boring ones to get the deal.

So there you go, a little insight into my "Style".  I managed to get all that for $51.46, which I think is a very successful trip other than the three wrong exits.  Enjoy!


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Dec. 28th, 2007 06:25 am (UTC)
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