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Wait! There's a guy on LJ?

Matt Stickel FDP

29 September
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Alright, to start with I was dragged here by many fangirls that are totally hot. They showed me the light and now I ready to lj. It's about time I put out for all the times they helped me (that sounds SO dirty).

I am one of the few fanboys around the House and American Idol fandoms, apparently. I’m always glad to be a minority. I'll always have some new Photoshop project I've been working on, got to keep the brain active. Any time someone needs something made, or has an idea for something Photoshop, I would be glad to help.

Many people, i.e. my friends call me a manwhore, lol. I like the term drama manwhore, there’s more prestige in it. Still, I could be called a manwhore. People get me obsessed with things very easily. That's how I ended up watching so many television. I give props to my baby, Tiff for being responsible for the bulk of my obsessions. She is the one who started me on my way towards my fanboy status.

Anyways, enough with my life, I'm excited to be on LiveJournal and am ready to be involved in all the fun and slightly cult-like activities the fangirls have. That's why I find them so awesome and hot. Most people could tell you, I like surrounding myself with women anyways, they’re way more fun. Being a fanboy is going to be so awesome and I’m glad you all approve of me.