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Mustard Stains and Puppet Sex

So today Tiff and I had our adventure to D.C. to see Avenue Q.  If anyone doesn't know, it's a popular broadway musical with puppets that was touring in Washington D.C. at this time.  It's like Sesame Street on acid.  We watched ratatouille (sp?) on the bus ride down, I heard people hated the movie,  but I liked it.  Once we got to D.C., we ate at a small burger joint where I got mustard all over my nice play-going outfit.  Major Fail, although the burger was good.  After a trip into Borders or Barnes and Nobles, I forget which one, we went to the show.

OMG it was soooo good!  We were really high (lol) up but we could still see everything really well.  They really did a cool job mixing a cartoon and real Brooklyn.  I liked how no effort to hide the actors controlling the puppets was made, but it still created a great illusion.  The music was fantastic and it was really raunchy, just the way I like it.  The puppets also had sex on stage, how can you go wrong with that?  I need to get the music from Tiff acutally, I don't have it any more.  For musicals I've seen, I've never laughed so hard during a show.  It really was "good times".

Of course, I don't have the music stuck in my head.  That's because they played Hairspray on the way home, lol!  Still a great show, and Tiff enjoyed it, so altogether a great trip.  Now to finals week *pukes*.

In other news, I need to do that snapwine thing.  Hopefully I'll do that sometime soon. Bye now.