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Death by Chocolate

 List update time.

1.  It is a sad sad sad world when the SNL with Aston Kutcher as the host is a better SNL than the one with Christopher Walken last week.  I just had to say that, lol.

2.  I watched Pan's Labyrinth which was an awesome movie.  It combines a fantasy world into reality really well, and the characters are so cool.  It's a real good film studies film since I know allot of people like that.

3.  It's been a good movie watching weekend in general.  Since I am on break and everyone is too busy to do anything, I've just been watching movies that were DVR'ed.  Spike has been playing the Star wars saga for the past few weeks so I've been enjoying some good nerdy fun.  I also finally got to see all of Bender's Big Score, which was fun.  I love Futurama!

4.  They have MILF Island shirts already at NBC.com.  I want one that has Deb-or-ah on the back lol.

5.  Just a reminder to myself that I need to post my pictures of me living out an office fantasy lol!  I'll do it tomorrow.  I'm just really boring for now.

Poor Gaydolf Titler

Oscar spoilers (a few), so don't read if you haven't watched.

The Oscars were ok, especially for only now getting their writers back. I'm glad they are bringing No Country for Old Men to Ship because I need to see it now.

The real reason for this post is for gemmapants. I hope you aren't too pissed about the Oscars if you watched. If you are this will help. This is a skit from SNL yesterday. Tina was hosting (I want to DO her lol) so it was hilarious. This is a skit about DDL's character from TWBB. I hope it's still there and NBC doesn't take it down.



I Will be your brother

OMG That was the funniest audition EVER!  LOL!  I would buy that guys CD!  I couldn't believe it, Simon is litterally his savior.  I am dying of lol right now!  I am reborn an American Idol fan again.

Every other part of that show doesn't matter, he was singing, she was dancing, it is a good time. 

I know it's a short post, but I enjoyed that part too much.  By the way Tiff, I'm not skipping practice because I didnt have to go.


I wonder who he hit Then

Note to self: Don't crash your car if it's going to make you emo.

I guess  I'm a year to late for this post, but I'm so excited that my girlfriend is getting into videogames.  It's almost like I finally got Tiff into one of my fandoms.  She enjoys Guitar Hero allot, and she will pwn you in Burnout.   Well, I was over at her place playing her 80's Guitar Hero game.  We were having fun and lost track of time, and Jeannie comes in saying that it's snowing.  I thought it would be sleeting like it had been earlier.  So I get ready to leave and see that it is actually snowing.  So I go down one road and make the bad choice of going on the slower but curvier road.  I then manage to loose my traction and hit the trees on the side of the road.  I managed to slow down that it was only bad damage, not really bad damage.  I call Tiff and she and her mom com down the road calling family members with trucks to pull me out.  After a long wait her uncle comes with a truck and pulls my car out.  Then they all followed me home since the car still drove.  I managed to get out with no injuries and a beat up car.  I am so thankful for Tiff and her families support.

Still, being in this accident has made me feel like crap.  I'm either emo or fighting with my mom.  It makes me feel like no one trusts me anymore.  I just don't want to do anything, I was supposed to go to Denny's with friends but didn't get the message and didn't really want to see people.  They wouldn't want me around anyways.  I hope I can get over this soon.

How is everyone doing?  I probably could use some conversation 


 Since I know you girls love to post pics when you go on clothes buying trips, I thought I would do one.  I've never seen a pic post by a guy lol!

So I got 50 bucks on an Old Navy gift card from my grandma.  Old Navy is pretty much the only type of name brand I wear, what can I say but I'm cheap.  They also have large amounts of clothes that fit a guy that is 6 foot 1.  So today I went to use up the card.  I went to an old navy that I hadn't been to since it was in PA.  That's one of the only good things about Pennsylvania, no clothes tax.   I didn't know what exit to get off at, all I knew was it was at Carlisle.  I managed in my epic amount to fail to get off at three different exits (twss...gross).   I kept ending up off the interstate at the wrong place and finally on my third attempt got to the Old Navy.  So I finally got to shop and got all of this stuff.

Mustard Stains and Puppet Sex

So today Tiff and I had our adventure to D.C. to see Avenue Q.  If anyone doesn't know, it's a popular broadway musical with puppets that was touring in Washington D.C. at this time.  It's like Sesame Street on acid.  We watched ratatouille (sp?) on the bus ride down, I heard people hated the movie,  but I liked it.  Once we got to D.C., we ate at a small burger joint where I got mustard all over my nice play-going outfit.  Major Fail, although the burger was good.  After a trip into Borders or Barnes and Nobles, I forget which one, we went to the show.

OMG it was soooo good!  We were really high (lol) up but we could still see everything really well.  They really did a cool job mixing a cartoon and real Brooklyn.  I liked how no effort to hide the actors controlling the puppets was made, but it still created a great illusion.  The music was fantastic and it was really raunchy, just the way I like it.  The puppets also had sex on stage, how can you go wrong with that?  I need to get the music from Tiff acutally, I don't have it any more.  For musicals I've seen, I've never laughed so hard during a show.  It really was "good times".

Of course, I don't have the music stuck in my head.  That's because they played Hairspray on the way home, lol!  Still a great show, and Tiff enjoyed it, so altogether a great trip.  Now to finals week *pukes*.

In other news, I need to do that snapwine thing.  Hopefully I'll do that sometime soon. Bye now.

Speak Your Mind

This is a Bad Ass meme that I stole from lissie_pissie

Comment here with something that you'd like to hear me say outloud. You can be wondering about how I pronounce a certain word with my accent, or you can try to make me speak a keymash (I'll read them how they sound in my head. So if you type like "annnnnnnd", I'll sound that out). You can say things like, "Hi, I'm [insert name]. I stalk guys and keep their underpants."
(You could ask me to say that I guess)I AM A PAWN TO YOUR GAME. Be creative and keep it relatively short - I'll call back later on a voicepost and read them all.

One condition with this, Tiff, you'll have to teach me how to voice post, LOL!  It will be funny to have a male voice doing this meme.


Attention... Part 2


I know, the icon is misleading.  I didn't get the part that I wanted, but when you act you know to take whatever part you get.  I got the part of the Steward  (is that the right way to spell it Tiff, LOL!)   The funny part about that is I butchered my callback for that part.  I wanted to be the King and, in my opinion, nailed the audition.  Alas, I did not get the part, or the chef, not that the Steward isn't like the same thing.  I guess I don't look like the king part, he's supposed to be fat, I think.  Also, one of the princes might be black, which wouldn't make sense with me as his father LOL!  I don't know the guys who are the king.  I am glad that there wasn't much casting by who had the big parts in other shows.  Still, I'm now trying not to be a big hypocrite and be all diva like and complain because I didn't get the part I wanted.  That's the big problem with this acting group on campus.  Anyways, I'm hopeful for this show,  I have a part, the choreographer is awesome, it should be fun.  But yeah, I'm in the show!


I didn't get a chance to post this yet, I was busy this weekend.   My big event was my trip to Philadelphia to see George Carlin with my mom.  For those of you that don't know, he's one of the greatest Stand-up comedians of all time and the raunchiest fuck you'll ever meet.  It was one of my goals to see him before he stopped doing stand-up, or died, whichever comes first; and now I have *crosses off my list*.  The guy just turned 70, which is amazing to see that he still does standup.  He's getting old and it's harder for him to do his act, he had notes to help him perfect his act for his next HBO special.  Still it was amazing to see that he is as raunchy and ranty as ever.   Anyone on the flist who loves ranting and vulgarity, I recommend him.  Anyways, taking a page from the flailbook idea, my mom and I wrote down some good punchlines and jokes for you guys.  Here's some of them:

I'm an old Fuck.  It's like a tall fuck, fat fuck, short fuck, young fuck, etc.  (on his age)

Everything your parents say is Bullshit, well 50% is but you won't be able to tell which 50 it is.  (Bullshit, his catchphrase is "it's all bullshit")

This is a giant nation of stroke jobs.  The national emblem should be Uncle Sam with Lady Liberty at his side on her knees stroking him fucking off.  (  He's very ranty about gov't and the whole strokejob nation was great)

When people die, you should take a while to delete their contact info.  Even better, make a dead guy folder on your desktop.  Move all the dead fucks into it, like a purgatory on your computer screen.   Move 'em around have a little purgatory parade, put two that didn't get along in a corner.  Or just shake them around and make them fight.  (he had a great part about once people die, I wish I had more.)

I will never join a group that forces me or does not allow me to wear a hat...  So Jewish men and Catholic women, wear hats; Jewish women and Catholic men, no hats.  Somebody FUCKED this up.  (Yes he can go 10 minutes ranting about hats.)

What ever happened to outside playing?  It used to be you just threw the little fuck outside, and he found a stick to play with and dig a hole.  He had a stick, he had a hole, he had a Fucking great time.  (George Carlin, not for kids.)

Fuck Lance Armstrong.

There's many more, I wish I had recorded it.   The bastards at the theatre were going all crazy about cameras, so I didn't get anything.   The only cool thing was that we were on 69th street, which was great!  I have a picture that I didn't get off the camera.  It was a real bad side of town and as my mom said, "I have never seen sooo many big black girl stores on one street."  So it was a great trip and a great experience.  Now remember, NO BULLSHIT!!


Comedy Night done Right

Hi guys, Long time no post.  Yet again we were talking about the Writer's strike in Electronic media class today, but the prof mentioned something cool.  Apparently, The Office creators have put up a spoof about how NBC does online content, and about all the ad revenue. I searched ofr it and I think I found it on Youtube, though I'm not sure that it is what he was talking about.  Did I mention that I got my prof. addicted to The Office?  

Anyways, here is the video, it makes fun of the ads and is shows how the strike footage would be shown on NBC.com.  It's pretty funny and you all should watch it.


So that's my update for now, bye.